Thanks, DB.

I remain unjabbed (to the utter consternation of my fully-jabbed and boosted friends - I'd get some new ones but that's hard at my time of life), unmasked (unless absolutely necessary, such as getting into my GP - and hasn't the medical profession been completely abysmal in the whole Covid affair), untested, unsanitised and un-QR-coded (when that was still a thing). I was booted out of my dentist for being unpricked but I found a new one who seems less bothered by all the rigmarole of Public Health Orders. My serenity has taken a bit of a hit (two hysterical bus drivers have got stroppy with me for getting on a bus unmasked, so now I wear the blue thing at half mast to get on and off but sit up the back and use it as a chin-warmer). My sanity has fortunately survived.

The most shocking thing has been the transformation of my friends (who pride themselves on being critical-minded) into maniacal cult members reciting media talking points and headlines as a substitute for conversation.

Many thanks for your Substack blog, too. It's a real help to know there are other thoughtful Covid dissidents out there in an Australia I hardly recognise anymore.



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Jun 25, 2022·edited Jun 25, 2022Liked by Phil Shannon

Well written as usual. Saves me from reading the book too, not that it was on my reading list though I have heard it alluded to in many podcasts. The 4 pre conditions are very interesting, though I don't know that they apply to the 'witch burning times' or the Inquisition. Ironically 'social' media exacerbates loneliness and destroys community engagement. I'd go further and say the mobile phone could possibly have been the worst thing ever invented. Full disclosure, I'm possibly not quite as addicted to my iPhone as some, but you get the drift. At least if FB etc was still only on a laptop or computer, people would actually talk to each other over a meal at a restaurant ... but I digress.

I hope that his conclusion that it wasn't cabal induced is true, personally I remain on the fence, with a leaning towards it having been contrived. The older I get, the less I disbelieve.

I do wonder whether there is enough bottle left in the country for people to really protest/riot/express their dissatisfaction - I'm thinking about cost of living pressures.

I can see it happening in the UK, not so sure about Australia.

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Thanks Phil. I feel a bit better having read that, out aloud, to my friend. We’re both unjabbed and agog at what just happened. Still blinking and breathing, everyday we talk it over. “Can you believe I got evicted... twice!” I would say. “Can you believe my parents thought I would be in a hospital gasping for air?” She replies. Both of us haven’t even had the dreaded coof unlike our fully pricked friends, well those who still speak to us since our apostasy. I sit and wait for the apologies but none are forth coming. No mea culpa from anyone, no “geez mate you were right all along.” But then again, in good old Australia, we’re still playing the game - vaccines work and of course the eternal favourite “it would have been worse without the vaccines!” Say the line! Say the unprovable thing... go on. Actually it is provable, South African data makes it pretty clear that such a notion is pure bollocks. I hope you weathered it without too much hardship Phil. Your posts were a little light in this insane Covidian storm. Cheers. DB

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